Coaching Counselling

...investing in yourself

Lyndsey Smith      G/DIP,  M.A,  P/GRAD,  PCEAT,  MBACP (Accredited)

Coach/Counsellor/Clinical Supervisor/Workshop Facilitaor

The only journey is the journey within

(Rainer Rilke)

Expressive arts is a healing process in itself. Symbolizing feelings and experiences in images can be more powerful means of expression and communication than verbal description 

(Dalley 1990)

Expressive Arts Therapy

Trust the process

Expressive arts is a process of discovering ourselves through any art form that comes from an emotional depth. Colour, form and symbols are languages that speak from the unconscious and have particular meaning for each individual.

(Natalie Rogers (2000) 

Working as an experienced accredited counsellor and supervisor for many years my passion lies within 

Person-Centred Expressive Arts Therapy.

I offer this unique powerful therapeutic approach which allows you to work at deeper levels to express feelings that are often hidden. No creative expertise is necessary to experience therapy in this way.

I facilitate the Creative Connection process offering a variety of mixed media such as making marks on paper, miniatures, sand, clay, natural material and using colours, this enables you to explore and express your inner thoughts and feelings in a much deeper way than just by talking therapy alone.

It helps you to find and understand yourself accessing your conscious and subconscious awareness. Many clients have found this approach takes them much faster to the roots of their issues and opens up a new world for them.

The process can be distressing at times as it can bring up memories and subconscious thoughts 

but it is also very liberating as having permission for free expression 

and knowing there is no right or wrong way 

to express what you feel in a safe environment.

All images here on my website are from people I have worked with either in therapy or on my workshops.

Permission has been given for me to share.

Free Writing

We are encouraged to use the non-dominant hand to free-write and draw.

Creative stimulation serves to help unlock stubborn defences, so that the authentic self and unique journey unfolds freely.


 Miniatures represent archetypes are grouped together and displayed on shelves.

They can be used on their own or the client can move from the sand tray to the shelves to collect miniatures to work with in the sand.

Creative Connection​

The 'creative connection' was developed by Natalie Rogers (1985).

A process in which one art form stimulates and fosters creativity in another art form.


Sand ​tray therapy is a creative form of psychotherapy that uses dry or wet sand in a tray and a collection of miniatures to enable a client to explore the deeper layers of the psyche.


Natural Materials

Soft/Oil Pastels

The image acts as a bridge from the unconscious and makes its contents tangible so that we can reflect on what is normally more hidden from awareness.